Why EA Sports FUT Hacking Scandals Are So Important

The company apologized for the account being hijacked through a security loophole, but the incident is a source of great concern.

EA addressed the trust issue with the FIFA Ultimate Team user base last week, even when people around the world reported that their accounts were hijacked by strangers and their virtual FUT coins and players were stolen.

The company was previously labeled as “predatory” about how users are motivated to spend real money on in-game currency. goal -And the newly discovered vulnerability in FIFA 22 game mode raises questions about how it deals with its own fan-based exploits.

Beyond the competitive inconvenience, there are relevant financial implications. People often spend hundreds of pounds each year building teams. This is especially true for people who stream content online with the goal of attracting viewers with a team of rare and expensive cards.

Therefore, this is a big issue for loyal users who are worried about being protected, and video game publishers need to be transparent and thorough in order to make compensation. Up to this point, the response was slow and it took several days to fully explain what happened.

“Over the past few weeks, we’ve noticed reports that prominent player accounts have been targeted for acquisition,” EA said on Tuesday, four days after the news of the incident was reported.

“Through the first investigation, we can see that phishing techniques have compromised many accounts. Individuals who act maliciously using threats or other“ social engineering ”techniques are within the customer experience team. Was able to exploit human error in the player to bypass two-factor authentication and access the player account.

“At this time, it is estimated that less than 50 accounts have been taken over using this method. We are currently working on identifying legitimate account owners to access the account and restore the content in it. Affected players should expect a response from the team shortly. Investigation is ongoing as we thoroughly investigate all allegations of suspicious email change requests and reports of compromised accounts. . “

“We apologize for not being able to share additional details in the original communication last week because of a thorough investigation,” said EA, retraining customer service representatives, additional account validation measures, updates, etc. , Finally gave an overview of the new account protection to implement. software.

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EA Sports

Hack, fraud, and glitch have long been a problem in FUT, and malicious actors have access to a collection of young and distorted players.

In many cases, breaches are very low-tech and difficult to stop with technology security measures. This has been reported to come from customer service personnel who are confident that they will hand over sensitive information to thieves, but there have also been long cases of vulnerable children being tricked into handing over personal accounts via console messaging. There was a gap.

EA acknowledged the difficulty of the statement. “We know that there is always a human factor to explain security and we have to do better.”

More than a decade after FUT existed, the question remains as to why human factors haven’t been dealt with well and why customer service representatives have easily handed over valuable information. And if this is possible, what else could be abused?

Some users, such as card market trader FUT Tokey, said they lost millions of virtual coins in the scandal. That’s hundreds of pounds, if not thousands of pounds.