Unable to connect to the EA server. Lost connection to EA server


The EA server connectivity issue is not new. It’s there, it’s always there, but it doesn’t mean you can’t solve the problem. In this article, we’ll do that.If you are watching “”Currently unable to connect to EA serverAlso “”Lost connection to EA serverFor Origin or other EA related apps, this article is for you.

Unable to connect to the EA server. Lost connection to EA server

Why can’t I connect to the EA server?

The most obvious reason for this error is that the EA server is down. If it’s down, you can do nothing but wait for the engineer to get the server back on track. However, there can also be problems due to your internet connection. You need to make sure that your network is not fluctuating or slowing down. Some date and time issues can also cause this error. There are several other solutions and workarounds described in this article.

Fixed Unable to connect to EA server

If you see Currently unable to connect to EA server Or YLost connection to EA server Try the following solutions in Origin or other EA-related apps to resolve your issue.

  1. Reboot the device
  2. Check the status of the EA server
  3. Check the date and time
  4. Check the internet
  5. Reboot the router
  6. Clear the origin cache
  7. Allow origin through firewall

Let’s talk about them in detail.

1]Reboot the device


Start by rebooting the device that is showing the error. It may sound a little missing, but restarting your computer or console will fix the problem. Therefore, reopen EA Origin or any other app that is experiencing this issue.

2]Check the status of the EA server

If the EA server is down, you will not be able to connect. It’s obvious at a glance. If desired, you can check the status of the server from help.ea.com or use one of the down detectors. After concluding that the server is down, you need to stop the server until the engineer puts it back on track. You can keep checking if you want to be faster.

3]Check the date and time

If the date and time are incorrect, you need to make sure they are correct. The best way to make sure it’s correct is to synchronize the time. If you are using a Windows computer, you can do the same from your Windows settings.

  • For Windows 10: Open [設定]>[日付と時刻]>[今すぐ同期]..
  • For Windows 11: Open [設定]>[時刻と言語]>[日付と時刻]>[今すぐ同期]..

You also need to make sure that the time zone is correct. Normally, the time zone is fine the moment you start working on your device.

4]Check the internet

Next, let’s check your internet connection. If you want to know how good your bandwidth is, you can use one of the internet speed checkers mentioned above. If it’s slow, check out other devices connected to the same network. If they are too slow, try restarting your router (step below). If that doesn’t work, contact your ISP and ask them to fix it.

5]Reboot the router

Rebooting the router may resolve the issue. Therefore, unplug network devices such as routers and modems, wait a minute or two, and then reconnect. Then see if the problem goes away.

6]Clear the origin cache

If all of the above solutions are available, the problem may be due to a bug in Origin’s cache. Therefore, you need to clear them to see if the problem goes away. To do that File Explorer Move to the following location.


Then clear the contents of the folder. In this way, you will be able to solve the problem.

7]Allow origin through firewall

You also need to make sure that your firewall isn’t blocking your Origin app. In that case, you need to allow Origin through the firewall so that it doesn’t block your app. If you are using other third-party applications, be sure to whitelist Origin before trying to connect to your EA server.

Bonus tip: Use a wired connection

If you are using Wi-Fi instead of an Ethernet connection, you need to deal with network fluctuations. If the network is volatile, you will not be able to connect to the server and will receive the error message in question. Therefore, if you need a bland internet, you should choose a wired connection.

Why can’t I play my EA account online?

If you can’t run EA online, check to see if your account is banned. If prohibited or suspended, you will not be able to connect to the service.it needs to be checked History of my ban Check your account status from help.ea.com. If not prohibited, you can follow the solutions described in this article to resolve the issue. This is a network issue such as an internet connection or an EA server.

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