Three years later, Apex Legends replaced Battlefield as EA’s flagship FPS.

As far as live service games are concerned, Apex Legends is the gold standard. Since its surprise release in February 2019, it has consistently provided fun and fresh gameplay with regular updates, making it not only a prestigious battle royale, but one of the best multiplayer games today. .. Sure, there were issues with Bangalore skins crashing the game and the weird audio bangs that continue to occur this season, but if you put Apex Legends next to other big live service titles, Call of Duty: Warzone and Halo Infinite, which are especially bright and shining. And given the spectacular additions of arena-like shooter modes and upcoming control-only modes, it’s clear that the team behind Apex Legends is eager to expand the reach of first-person shooters. ..

Perhaps initially, Apex Legends was considered the second FPS under EA’s umbrella when compared to blockbusters like the Battlefield series and Star Wars Battlefront. However, shaped by Respawn’s clever hands, it has replaced the two as the publisher’s flagship shooter. This isn’t just Battle Royale, it’s EA’s current best FPS.

Concept and cadence

Apex Legends

(Image credit: EA)

Apex Legends’ Hero Shooter Meets Battle Royale concept has intrigued Overwatch and Fortnite players, and its amazing in-game features (such as the yet unmatched ping system) quickly hit. “Everyone was surprised by the amazing reaction coming out of the gate,” said game director Stephen Ferreira. “Sure, there was a lot of quick reaction and stepping in the early days.” For Respawn, the experience of creating “not yet existing” games was initially “everything was an experiment.” It meant that. “We were trying to react to many moving targets,” explains Ferreira.

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