From easel to skin: These Colorado Springs tattoo artists are also prolific visual artists | Art & Entertainment

Drawing a canvas is one thing. Draw a human canvas in a completely different way. From the easel to the skin, there are many things to admire for an artist who can look at beauty, color and image. Many tattoo artists created art from the moment they picked up a pencil or paintbrush. But something … Read more

New Art Exhibition, Art Reporter, Art Funding in Miami, Florida

Eddie Arroyo’s “Uhuru Konsyan in Honor of Arthur McDuffie”, 2020 is part of the show “Talking to Real Americans” at Spinello Projects until March 19, 2022. Homehorn artists in Miami are often associated with contemporary formats such as street art, installations, photography, and multimedia. Three recent exhibits showcase the strengths of Miami-based painters in different … Read more