Maria Nordman | 4 rows

Maria Nordman Alex Kitonic The artist invites us and wishes for a better future. Maria Nordman, Birth of the earth, 2021–22 (front of the drawing on the left, back of the drawing on the right). Double-sided collage of Canson paper and sections of paper from the bark of Australian eucalyptus trees, inks, crayons, white pencils, … Read more

Charlie Ellis and his SLAM-Great Art Happenings | Visual Arts | Savannah News, Events, Restaurants, Music

Charlie Ellis, Bon Vivant, artist, junk o feel, and creator meet me at Pojo Point, which offers views of his beautiful swamps at the tip of Turners Rock. Much has already been written about the devastating electrical fire of 2019 that destroyed the original property built by parents as a weekend vacation in the early … Read more

Realscreen »Archive» Viveka Melki Launches New Film, Television and Visual Arts Company

After 16 years of documentary director and production, Viveka Melki set up his own film, television and visual arts company to create a space for diverse voices. Melki (pictured) is the founder and president of Montreal-based company Melki Films Inc. The company has several projects in production, working on programming high-quality documentaries and dramas for … Read more