From easel to skin: These Colorado Springs tattoo artists are also prolific visual artists | Art & Entertainment

Drawing a canvas is one thing. Draw a human canvas in a completely different way. From the easel to the skin, there are many things to admire for an artist who can look at beauty, color and image. Many tattoo artists created art from the moment they picked up a pencil or paintbrush. But something … Read more

“A game where dirt, body, or voice is all fair”: Moses Sumney, the most popular musician in the art world, is working on the following visual arts:

At a gig in Berlin a few years ago, Ghanaian-American singer-songwriter and artist Moses Sumney showed the difference between how music is consumed and art. “I was in front of an audience who wanted to see me sing, but I had to compete with the clicking and chattering sounds of my glasses,” he told Artnet … Read more