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“Shelter” Paul Collins

First idea drawer, 4th SceneThe adult contemporary series art exhibition wasn’t that deep. A provocative art show limited to drawings. But shortly after I started formalizing many of those ideas, I realized that drawing and intimacy were much more closely related than I initially thought. Many drawings have a personal secret element. Some of the works are taken directly from the artist’s sketchbook, while others seem to capture personal ideas.

There is also immediacy to drawings that take advantage of the primitive art making.A handful drawer Artists work on live models, and the tension between the artist and the subject translates into the work they create together. Finally, the drawings are friendly and have achievable quality. It’s actually the girl next to the artistic medium. Even the most skillfully rendered pieces appear to be within reach because of the same type of pen in your hand, the same lines smeared, and the smell of the same pencil shavings. And in line with that idea, you probably had the same idea.

covid sketchbook 5.jpg

COVID Sketchbook, Sai Clayton

Among the most dialistic works in drawer This is the actual diary. Nashville-based artist Cyclayton kept the COVID journal for the first few months of the pandemic. It is scattered with a running list of sexual fantasies and COVID cases. This is a unique combination at the time, such as switching between CNN and PornHub.

New York-based self-taught artist The Hills Have Eyes — that provocative thread was the highlight of an adult contemporary show Shag 2020 — There are two sketches that highlight his fantasy, imaginative and fun view of sex. In “Angels Do It,” the angel crew sees a halo floating above a cowboy hat, a western-dressed angel having sex with a mortal from above the clouds.

Thornton dial .png

“Untitled (both hands reachable)” Thornton dial

Another self-taught outsider artist, Thornton Dial, is best known in Nashville, primarily in 2012 at the Frist Museum. Creation story An exhibition that combines the work of the Alabama-born artist Lausenberg’s crowd with the works of Ziesbend’s quilter. The public dial sculpture “Road to the Mountain Top” was commissioned by Metro Arts in 2013. Supporters who are not very familiar with the erotic drawings of dials may be surprised to see how freely the artist incorporates vulva and violent sexuality into his folk art. ..

Anchor in many respects drawer A trio of drawings by Betty Tompkins.The drawing is her ongoing Fuck the grid Shows the artist’s proficiency in the series, and the photorealistic sexual activity she has been making since the late 1960s. Tompkins, best known for large paintings based on gender and pornography, drawer Small compared to 17 x 14 inches, the hyperspecific zoom-in depiction of sexual insertion remains monumentally bold.

Clarity Haynes is a New York-based artist whose crowning series features the same well-trimmed perspective and photorealistic details as Tompkins’ work, but Haynes’ vagina is mid-natal rather than mid-sexual intercourse. is. Her studies, like her portraits, are sweet and pious — she treats her subject with a softer, more romantic perspective than you might expect.

In between drawer The artist who creates works with primitive and unexpected source material is the Chicago-based duo Ryan M. Pfeiffer + Rebecca Walz, whose collaborative practice incorporates elements of classical art. .. Paleolithic Cave paintings and New York-based artist Perrin R. Ireland are scientifically studying the rendering of animals, including female bonobos having sex in the pond and male bonobos playing foreplay.

Ozu, who uses a pseudonym, was confiscated by an Indian post office. The “Ornithologist’s Dream” was in the painting on the way to Nashville, but was returned to the sender with a note that shocked the content of the painting. With the permission of the artist, a high resolution copy of the drawing was printed in Nashville. The depiction of a naked woman caressed by a swan with a human hand instead of a head is the best dreamy erotic fantasy.

Nashville-based artist Paul Collins, in particular drawer.. The resulting paper inked works show a lively and vibrant vision of sexuality. One piece, called a “hug,” shows that a man is masturbating. In a “shelter,” a woman’s sagging breasts behave like a support beam, supporting her entire body on a small man who appears to be lost in the shadows.


“I’m curious” Kevin Guthrie

Other Nashville-based artists who made sex forward works especially for drawer Includes XPayne, Julia Martin, Brett Douglas Hunter, Brady Haston, Kevin Guthrie, and the rendering of the erotic movie poster behind the paperboard beer box is the original Swedish classic of Virgot Schomann’s 1967 classic. Includes release poster I’m curious (yellow)..

The purpose of the Adult Contemporary Exhibition is to normalize the discussion of sex and sexuality through contemporary art. drawer Both the number of artists involved and the variety of subjects show that these conversations are more valuable and relevant than ever before.


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