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After 16 years of documentary director and production, Viveka Melki set up his own film, television and visual arts company to create a space for diverse voices.

Melki (pictured) is the founder and president of Montreal-based company Melki Films Inc. The company has several projects in production, working on programming high-quality documentaries and dramas for viewers in Canada and around the world, as well as developing curated works of global art. Gallery and museum.

“If anything, I think the last few years have shown how resilient we are, both as an industry and as an artist,” says Melki. Play daily.. “I think all of our projects are somehow about the humanity of a borderless world. I’m consciously looking for the cultural loneliness of this country, and now more than ever, a collaborative piece of iron. It’s time to call out to these loneliness under. “

Born in The Gambia, West Africa, Melki co-founded the late Adam Pajot Gendron and prodco Tortuga Films in Quebec in 2006.She produced Campesinos (2006) and Hippocrates (2011), oversees a two-part series War correspondent (2014) Below the Radio-Canada and RDI banners. A multilingual artist identified as a racialized settler on Turtle Island sold her interest in 2014, but she was an independent filmmaker and filmed for Tortuga until 2020. Continued to make.

In the case of Tortuga, some Melki films were originally made in English and some were made in French, including feature films. After the circus; And Radio Canada 2017 Movie, Carricks: Dans le Sillage des Irlandais ((((Carix, with the awakening of Ireland).

Incorporating the experience of living and working in an oppressive government into storytelling, Melki said her new company’s project was “a powerful human being born of dramatic social, economic, political and historical events and situations. Focus on targeted and emotional stories. “

The slate of Melki Films’ work includes a documentary brand (Tentative title) CBC Passionate Eye, Both the TV version and the festival / theatrical version. A document on domestic sex trafficking across Canada is currently under development and will be released in 2023.

Other works of Dockett include television and festival / theatrical documents. Butterfly hunter (Tentative title), for Telus in British Columbia and Alberta. A project on sex trafficking in western Canada is currently underway and will be released in 2023.

The Erik Brandt Collection (Active title), currently co-produced with the Canadian War Museum (CWM), sees filmmaker Erik Brandt talking to one of the few Canadian veterans who survived the Second World War. increase. This project will be the highlight of CWM’s upcoming “InTheirVoices” database, which is scheduled to begin in 2024.

documentary AlouetteIs in production and will be completed in 2024. This is an 11-minute film funded by the Canada Council’s New Chapter program, starring Douglas Reese, a veteran of the Hong Kong POW camp of World War II.

Melki Films is also developing several projects, including feature films. Roadside hero From Melki and Brandt, directors and editors of the new company. The two co-directed LGBTQ + filmmakers across Canada, recording the secret stories of blacks, indigenous peoples, and colored veterans of World War II. increase.

French original is also under development Gene d’Espoir ((((Gene of hope), Based on the life of Audrey Ann Beranger, who traveled to China for controversial stem cell therapy.

The production team at Melki Films also includes Debra Kouri as a producer (“brand When Butterfly hunter).

“Ideally, racialized people and women should have been incorporated as historical narrators long ago,” says Melki. “The social issues we are working on in the project are ongoing and the world may have seemed to have stopped due to a pandemic, but the urgency of our subject remains constant. Frequently filmed films deal with the shadow side of the story, and the silence of COVID-19 gave us the opportunity to listen more carefully. “

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