Polo Star Melissa Gandhi works with fine art photographer Artem Shestakov to create captivating images and promote the Polo Museum.

(The Magazine Plus Editorial): August 28, 2021, Los Angeles, CA (Issuewire.com) – World-renowned artist Artem Shestakov has captured the beautiful essence of the planet for years. .. Today, art photographers are expanding his portfolio to the great sport of Polo.

In February, Shestakov experienced his first match when he was invited to the championship by one of the greatest polo players, Pablo McDonough. Sponsored by the Grand Champions Polo Club in Wellington, Florida, this game is owned by renowned female player Melissa Ganji.

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Since that inspirational moment, Shestakov has fallen in love with sports and decided to spend some of his time taking pictures and devoting himself to learning more about noble games. He recently spent a week in Wellington filming a short documentary presentation about the museum with Ecuadorian director Christoph Pozo.

During the shoot, Ganji, chairman of the Polo Museum and Hall of Fame and a top fundraiser, helped guide the project. Her work on the board and her work as president of the Polo Training Foundation contributed to the project. Gandhi works closely with international polo players such as Pablo Mac Donault, Juan Martin Nero, Alejandro Nobiro Astrada, Oracio Heggy, Nic Roldan, Nacho Figueras and Gonzalito Pierre. increase.

In the process, Shestakov, along with Gandhi, is preparing to hold several art exhibitions with his art photography to raise funds for the Polo Museum.

The museum is a rich repository of documents and physical treasures such as works of art, historical trophies, artifacts, books, statistics, periodicals, movies, videos, recordings and souvenirs. The Hall of Fame honors sports heroes and introduces past icons and qualified living heroes of Polo each year. The Hall of Fame Award Dinner Gala is held every February on Friday, the weekend of Presidential Day.

Growing up in Philadelphia, Melissa Gandhi participated in dressage, show jumping, and cross-country-skilled jockey riding events. In December 2000, when her father-in-law and retired polo player Wally Gandhi bought her first polo pony on her birthday, she felt her true passion. It was the beginning of her career as one of the top amateur female Polo players in the country.

Ganji is currently playing professionally against men. She and her husband, Mark, a top amateur player, owns and maintains the property all year round. Gandhi breeds and trains polo ponies at Santa Rita Polo Farms in Okara and Wellington. Among the clients who buy her horse is Adolfo Cambiaso of Argentina, the world’s greatest and greatest player in history who bought Miami for his world-class polo string.

Ganji has won the Ilviser Car Cup, 26-goal Realmer Cup, Butler Handicap Cup, Hall of Fame Cup, Western Badge, Trophy 20 Goals, Mayor’s Cup, and World Polo League Miami Beach Polo twice. At the latest Seminole Casino, he played with Coconut Creek; Aspen Snow Polo World Championships, the North America Cup, the US Open Women’s Tournament, and several members of the royal family, including Prince Harry and his Santa Barry Charity.

She is one of the few women in the world to compete in the CV Whitney Cup, USPA Gold Cup and US Open. She became the first woman in history to win the 35th St. Moritz Snow Polo World Cup at the Team Badrutt’s Palace Hotel and was named Best Play Patron. It was her fourth appearance in the only high-goal tournament on the snow. She was also the first woman to win the Aspen Valley Polo Club World Snow Polo Championship in December 2017 and the Bendula Bank Snow Polo World Cup in 2018.

When she isn’t in the High Goal Seasonal Polo, Gandhi is busy promoting sports at all levels, including young and female, while teaching at Wellington and Carbondale’s Polo Schools-both independent. The American Polo Association Club.

Gandhi is selfless and tireless when it comes to staging and creating polo events, including the co-founding of the World Polo League, the only 26-goal polo held outside Argentina. She wants Polo to be accepted by the general public, mainstream sports followers and the media, and to attract new people to the sport.

The Grand Champions are one of the few clubs in the country to offer 20-goal tournaments. The club also has several innovative tournaments such as 12 goals, $ 50,000 tournaments and 0-40 winners-take all $ 100,000 World Cup. Gandhi and her husband have also revived the prestigious Sterling Cup.

Together, Artem Shestakov and Melissa Ganzi hope to continue promoting polo at the local, national and international levels, leaving the sport a lasting legacy for the next generation.


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