Not making Battlefront 3 is EA’s worst Star Wars mistake

To the disappointment of many Star Wars Battlefront 2 Fans, EA doesn’t seem to have any plans for development Star Wars Battlefront 3, This may eventually turn out to be the most expensive franchise mistake ever for a publisher. EA doesn’t have the most positive reputation in the gaming industry because many of its titles repeatedly use microtransactions and other monetizable features.Acquisition by the company Star Wars The license has caused some serious failures, especially 2015 Star Wars Battle front (This was successful, but was missing content at startup) and Battlefront 2..However, DICE was successfully overhauled SWBF2 Following player criticism, the game has become a widely welcomed redemption story.Given the popularity and current status of the game Star Wars Franchise, ignore Star Wars Battlefront 3 It could be EA’s biggest mistake in licensing.

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The Star Wars Battlefront The franchise has a long history in the gaming media, with the original LucasArts title released in 2004.The sequel is Star Wars Battlefront 2Widely known as one of the greatest Star Wars Games of all time.Its popularity and lack of a third entry in the series may have led EA to restart the series in 2015 and become its flagship. Star Wars Title. Battle front And its sequel adapted the original game mechanics, gameplay, and structure to the updated graphics and live service system, frustrating some players. SWBF2 It has several game modes for purpose-based gameplay, ranging from Galactic Assault (similar to DICE’s other FPS series “Rush”). battlefield), To reputable capital hegemony, similar to the original traditional mode Battle front Comes with additional bonuses for game and ship penetration.

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Great now, but EA Star Wars Battlefront 2 After the rocky launch, I had a hard time keeping the player. However, after DICE tweaked the game’s highly malicious progression system, Star Wars The Clone Wars Era-The number of players has skyrocketed to the highest in the last few months, offering a new life lease for team-based shooters.Unfortunately, its success did not secure a sequel to EA and DICE, and both companies battlefield Franchise. Respawn plans three new developments and releases. Star Wars Games for the next few years, Failure to use Battlefront 2The resurrection in the new sequel may turn out to be the most costly mistake in the EA franchise.

Star Wars Battlefront 3 can save dice from the Battlefield 2042 flop

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After DICE was developed Battlefront 2Started work Battlefield 2042The franchise’s victory was supposed to be in the limelight. Unfortunately, the early beta testing and its full launch was accompanied by many unwanted surprises from players and longtime franchise fans. Battlefield 2042 There were major bugs and issues at startup, combining rigorous gunplay with a restricted class-based system. This issue was only exacerbated when the DICE team took months to update the scoreboard to fix minor gameplay issues. Current, Battlefield 2042 Refunds with 200,000 signatures from players claiming that EA and DICE misleaded buyers and failed to offer a fully playable product. If EA sees DICE as an invaluable asset, it could close the company, similar to the fate of Visceral Games in 2017.

Star Wars Battlefront 2 After removing the loot box mechanics and paywall barriers, it’s a popular option among fans. In addition, Battlefront 2Various of Star Wars Heroes and villains, maps, and times have allowed players to customize their experience and maximize their enjoyment during the game. Because DICE devised the perfect one Battle front Formula, third Battle front You can redeem your studio from battlefield The blunder that has been suffering until now. EA is new recently battlefield Nevertheless, it was already under development 2042 It still suffers from serious glitches and a reduction in the number of players. moreover, battlefield May have a hard time competing with Star Wars When it comes to actual scale. battlefield It has always been a large franchise in terms of both reach and gameplay, Star Wars Is home to a vast battle between land and space. In short, we are ready to take advantage of next-generation technologies.

Battlefront 3 takes advantage of new Star Wars movies and shows

Boba Fett’s book Recently ended with Disney +, but with the resurrection of the character, there is a possibility that more Fett-based games will be canceled. Star Wars 1313It also shows the possibility Star Wars Battlefront 3.. By the time DICE leaves Star Wars Battlefront 2 focus on Battlefield 2042Lucasfilm just released the first season Mandalorian And the final chapter of the sequel trilogy, Star Wars: Episode IX-The Rise of Skywalkers.. Since then, Star Wars Fans received a new season Clone Wars When MandalorianThe former is called a new animation spin-off Bad batchI haven’t talked yet Kenobi, AndorMore chapters in the story of Mandalorian And Taika Waititi’s untitled Star Wars Just a few projects. Star Wars Battlefront 2The Cut Ahsoka DLC is an example of how these settings worked well, but it was no longer supported by new content and could only be adapted in the full sequel.

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The advantage of Disney’s new series is the addition of new planets that may appear in Star Wars Games apart from traditional places like Tatooine and Coruscant. Mandalorian It also explores a new era between the Galactic Republic and the sequel trilogy, and introduces new planets like Nevalo that housed the remnants of the empire.Almost since Battle front The game starts in story mode. DICE and EA have many opportunities to further develop these new eras, places and characters. Star Wars Battlefront 2 Started adding new content with the army from Scarif Rogue One: Star Wars StoryThis shows how large the range of additional content was before it was abandoned.

Respawn’s new Star Wars game looks like a single player

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There are three new things in EA Star Wars A game under development at Respawn, the studio behind Star Wars Jedi: Corrupted OrderHowever, it’s possible that all of them are focused on single player.Initially Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order 2After surviving Order 66, continue your Calquestis journey through the galaxy. The first game received incredible acclaim. Star Wars A soul-like game that explores the story of the Galactic Empire and the survivors of the Jedi. In addition, Respawn has been identified as working on real-time strategy titles and first-person shooters. If you cover the single player side of the game, Battle front 3 Perhaps you filled in the blanks and made the long-awaited delivery Star Wars Multiplayer game.

in the meantime Star Wars Battlefront 2 Not just multiplayer Star Wars It’s a player-accessible game and one of the most accessible and popular games given the legacy.One of the few other options is BioWare Star Wars: The Old RepublicLaunched 10 years ago, an MMORPG with hundreds of hours of content. Unfortunately, its outdated combat system and graphics are Battle front 3 Despite EA’s hesitation to start development, it is possible that the product has been offered and the main sales spots have remained open.

It’s unclear whether EA or DICE will change the mind. Star Wars Battlefront 3It seems wasteful to abandon such a lucrative franchise-especially given Battlefront 2Comeback. DICE failure Battlefield 2042 Poor omen for the future of battlefield, And the decision to work on another entry in the series shortly after that failure can be a worrying outlook.Considering the huge number of Star Wars Not developing a (probably) single-player nature, sequel to the project and Respawn’s upcoming games Star Wars Battlefront 2 It may be a missed opportunity for EA and DICE.

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