Nigerian music star Eazi teams up with African visual artist –

Mr. Nigerian singer known for hits such as “Skin Tight”, “Bankulize” and “Leg Over”. The artist said Eazi is collaborating with top African visual artists to create his next debut album. ARTnews.

In the album rollout, Eazi works with contemporary artists to create a unique work of art that accompanies each song. The work is tokenized and shared with the general public through specially curated Metaverse and physical events.

Eazi Bankoo MusicA blend of high life in Ghana and chord percussion in Nigeria. Eazi was nominated for The best international law With the 2019 BET Awards Winner of the Latin Grammy Awards In 2020, Beyonce, J. He has worked with megastars such as Balvin, Bad Bunny, Nicki Minaj and Major Lazer, as well as other Nigerian stars such as Burna Boy.

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Eazi will be in 2020, Noldor Artist Residency, Ghana’s first independent artist residency and fellowship program. The previous year, Eazi launched emPawa Africa. Talent incubator to support up-and-coming African artists..

“I started to notice the similarities between music space and art space in terms of the business model that my company emPawa is doing … [which] Find artists and musicians, work with them, nurture them and their careers, and give them the opportunity to invade the world, “Eazi said.

While visiting Noldor, Eazi met the artist, bought the work, and talked to the founder, director, and his “best friend” of the Residency. Joseph Auer-Darco..

“The more I thought about this and started recording the album, the more I started thinking about ways to capture the essence of my music,” Eazi said. “I was thinking about how to tell this story in every way. I wanted to tell a story in music. I wanted to tell a story in a video. I wanted to tell a story in every possible way. increase.”

Inspired by that emotion, Eazi decided to work with artists from around the world where he would record the album. Artist entrepreneurs are always traveling. He has just completed an entertainment, media and sports business program at Harvard Business School and is currently building ventures such as emPawa Africa, emPawa Distributions and Digital Music Aggregators.

Team, Nigerian music star Eazi

Benin painter Patricorel creates “legalization” artwork by Mr. Easy.
Courtesy of Mr. Eazi

“What this album means to me is a journey into a new territory,” Eazi said. “Looking at this album should be an immersive experience, saying,’Wow, Eazi’s album was a beautiful exhibition.'”

The album’s first single, “Legalize,” features artwork by a Benin painter. PatricolelDrawn the work live during the debut performance of the song at an intimate invitee-only concert in Lagos.

During the recording of the album, the pair met when Eazi visited Cotonou, the capital of Benin.

A heartfelt ode to his partner Nigerian actress Temi Otedra, this song is one of Eazi’s most personal tracks to date. Eazi and Otedola Engaged While filming the music video for “Legalize” in Venice in April.

Check out the collaboration between the new single and Patrickorel here:


Eazi said he hopes that fine arts collaboration, like music videos, will help tell a musical story.

“I’m starting to think …” “Why don’t you work with an artist to collaborate on a piece that represents music to capture the essence of music on canvas?”

This collaboration is based on Eazi’s ongoing initiative to support African creativity through his platform as an entrepreneur and a global music star and to “build a cultural capital for creativity across the continent.”

A painting depicting two people sitting in a red chair is drawn in front of a white and black striped background.

“Legalized” painting by Benin painter Patricorel.
Courtesy of Mr. Eazi

“In this collaboration with the artist, we [making] It’s also accessible to my fans who usually don’t look at this form of art and haven’t introduced it to the world, “he said.

“And the veil [the thinking] This is’for Daddy [a West African term for children of wealthy family] Or the elite. “

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