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The Battlefield 2042 Season 1 update is almost here, and prior to its release, DICE will drop Update 4.1 to crush more bugs, weaken Boris, and limit Breakthrough to 64 players. Everything included in Update 4.1 of Battlefield 2042 is here.

It’s no secret that the Battlefield 2042 launch didn’t go as planned, and the player base immediately criticized both the buggy launch and the core design choices. After postponing Season 1 to early summer, DICE has released a huge update aimed at getting the game back on track.

The latest patch to arrive is Update 4.1, which brings more bug fixes, specialist buffs and nerfs, recoil tweaks, and more. Here’s when the update will be published and the full patch notes:

Battlefield 2042 Specialist

Battlefield 2042 Update 4.1 release date and time

DICE has confirmed that Battlefield 2042 Update 4.1 will be released May 19th and 1:00 am PT / 4:00 am ET / 9am BST..

The developers have also confirmed that the update will have zero downtime, so you can return as soon as the download is complete.

Boris Sentry Gun Weakened in Battlefield 2042 Update 4.1

Players in Battlefield 2042 have long complained that Boris’ Sentry Gun was simply too powerful, so Update 4.1 is set to give a significant weakness.

Its spotting ability has been enhanced, but almost all other aspects of the Sentry Gun have been weakened. In addition to removing the ability to track targets through walls, their health, damage, range, and reload speed were all big hits.

Hourglass Map Battlefield 2042 Player

Battlefield 2042 Update 4.1 removes breakthroughs for 128 players

This will be standard in Update 4.1, as many Battlefield 2042 players preferred a chaotic, more tactical 64-player breakthrough.

The Battlefield 2042 map can accommodate a whopping 128 players, but the developers felt that such a huge number of players would have a negative impact on Breakthrough mode, so they removed the search option.

Breakthrough 128 continues to exist on the Discarded, Manifest, Orbital, and Kaleidoscope maps, but confirmed that “before the start of Season 1, carefully monitor how changes help improve the experience.” ..

Battlefield 2042 Specialist

Full Battlefield 2042 Update 4.1 Patch Notes

Fixes, changes, and improvements


  • VehicleAimSensitivity and TransportVehicleFreelookSensitivityController settings now always apply the effect correctly
  • Improve aim assist while aiming to move the target
  • Aim Assist no longer accidentally gets a target through a thin obstacle
  • If you have not upgraded, the “Promoted Screen” will not be displayed at the end of the round.
  • Provides improvements that help reduce input lag
  • Adjusted trigger weights to improve input responsiveness when applying successive inputs


  • Battlefield 1942 and Battlefield 3 Experience announcer voiceovers have been remastered to include new radio sound effects.

Battlefield portal

  • Specialists now correctly display animations on the end-of-round screen in Battlefield Portal mode.
  • The following changes have been made to the hardcore templates in Battlefield Builder to match the featured experience products.
    • Enable HUD in Hardcore Templates
    • Disable minimaps and compasses in hardcore templates


  • Attacking enemies with EMP effects now triggers PlayerDisruptedXP correctly
  • Deployable gadget placement delays have been removed and are now visible immediately
  • Deploying deployable gadgets has never been easier

Insert beacon

  • The size of the inserted beacon has been increased to make it easier to see.
  • Insert beacons are now visible from a distance


This update adds multiple updates to the All-Out Warfare rotation. Our main change is the removal of the 128 player version of Breakthrough. After reviewing the experiences available in All-Out Warfare, I found the 128 player modes to be suitable for Conquest, which has a large gameplay space and a more natural fit for sandbox gameplay.

Breakthrough’s 128 player mode feels less valuable and influential for individual players and squads due to the increased intensity and confusion of combat.

When I reviewed Breakthrough, I noticed that the 64-player version represents a more tactical experience. Reducing the number of players here will help remove confusion from the experience. Also, in combination with reducing the number of fighting vehicles available, players will be able to stay on the front line more effectively.Players will also find more space to work together and play individual roles.

As a result, the Breakthrough 64 squad will have a better chance to be adjacent to the enemy, place spawn beacons, install suppressors using the Plus menu, clear and hold points. example. The move to 64 players has revived the pace that helped celebrate these moments of teamwork and PTFO, and carefully watched how our changes helped improve the experience before the start of Season 1. I am.

Further changes

  • Breakthrough 64 for PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X | S has a specific map size.
    • Discard, Manifest, Orbital, Kaleidoscope play 128 player version
    • Hourglass, Breakaway, Renewal Plays 64 Player Version


  • The compass now extends while in ADS to improve readability



  • Angels will no longer be able to grant armor plates via the supply bag


  • Spotting through the SG-36 Sentry Gun now highlights players spotted through red dots, and spotted enemies are now visible to friendly people as well.
  • SG-36 Sentry Gun will no longer track players behind the wall
  • SG-36 Sentry Gun’s overall damage and health has been reduced
    • RPM reduced from 450-> 250
    • Damage start 16-> 10
    • End damage 10-> 7
    • Falloff damage range 50-> 40
    • Rate of fire 960 m / s-> 500 m / s
    • Health 200-> 150
    • Lock-on time increased by 0.3 seconds
    • Target forgetting time 2-> 1.5 seconds
    • Target lock-on range 65-> 50m
    • Reload speed 5.2-> 4.2 seconds


  • Bashing with the SOB-8 Ballistic Shield while in the smoke should always do damage


  • Fortress system recharge rate reduced from 25 seconds to 20 seconds


  • Update 0.4.0 made unintended changes to the behavior of some weapons due to incorrect damage table values. This update reverts to a performance-intended design. You should feel that the overall performance of the weapon has improved.
  • The impact of recoil affecting attachments has been reduced, but the recoil of base weapons has been improved to compensate for it.This means that weapons without attachments will be handled more appropriately.
  • Bolt Action Sniper Breath Control lasts up to 5 seconds and adds a 5 second penalty when fully used
  • Underbarrel attachment no longer affects weapon deployment speed
  • DMR overall horizontal recoil has been reduced
  • Sidearm deployment is faster


  • Increased AC42 range damage dropoff at higher range


  • Removed AK24 semi-automatic firing mode
  • Increased rate of fire for AK-24 burst mode to 900 RPM


  • Improved effectiveness of NTW-50 for vehicles
  • Added multiple damage to tank trucks


  • Increased vertical recoil for PKP-BP and added a new horizontal recoil profile


  • Improved SFAR-MGL damage at short to medium range
    • To defeat the enemy, you need 5 shots instead of 4 shots at 20m
  • SFAR-GL Reduced range damage dropoff


  • Reduced SVK horizontal recoil to facilitate landing of follow-up shots
  • SVK range damage dropoff increased over 40m
  • SVK high power round damage reduced by over 150m
    • You need 3 shots instead of 2 to defeat the enemy


  • Fixed a bug where XP wouldn’t be rewarded when capturing a target on a vehicle that wasn’t spawned via the deploy menu

After the release of Update 0.4.0, we continue to balance the gameplay of our vehicles by updating the total number of vehicles that can be active at any time across the Conquest and Breakthrough maps.

Conquest 128:

  • Kaleidoscope – Reduced each team’s light vehicle quota by one
  • Manifest – Reduced each team’s light vehicle quota by one

Breakthrough 64:

  • break away
    • Adjusted Sector 4 to reduce the number of transport aircraft attackers by one and the number of attackers and defenders by one large ground vehicle.
  • Manifest
    • Adjusted Sector 3 to remove the defender assignments for transport aircraft and reduce the number of attacker and defender heavy ground vehicles by one.
  • hourglass
    • Adjusted Sector 4 to reduce the attacker and defender assignments for heavy ground vehicles to 1 and remove the defense team assignments for transport and combat vehicles.
  • renewal:
    • Adjusted Sector 4 to reduce the attacker and defender quota for heavy ground vehicles to 1.
  • Orbital
    • Adjusted Sector 4 to reduce the Defender quota for heavy vehicles to 1.


  • MAV is now part of the transport vehicle category

M5C bolt

  • The M5C Bolt missile launcher no longer deals unintended increased damage to aircraft.
  • M5C bolts are now part of the armored vehicle category.

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