How to get into a new game as soon as possible

FIFA 23 will be available to specific players at different times, depending on different things, such as subscriptions and pre-orders.

If you want to know how to join a new game as soon as possible, learn everything you need to know about Early Access in FIFA 23 below.

Release date

As the edging of the next game gets closer, it could be faster than the official announcement from EA.

FIFA 22 is fully released Friday, October 1st 2021Therefore, if the EA follows the same trend, Friday, September 30, 2022 It may be the release date of FIFA 23.

Playtest and Beta

If you’re serious about joining the game faster than anyone else, apply for a playtester! This will give you access to new games faster than anyone else who is not associated with the EA while developing your game.

You need to be selected from a group of other applicants, but you have the opportunity to sign up for the EA website.

EARLY DAYS-Ultimate Team will be available in FIFA 23 Beta

Another early opportunity for the few selected people is FIFA 23 Beta. This provides a playtest for more viewers.

Again, make sure your EA account settings are up-to-date and you can receive the code by email, as you will need to be selected by the EA to participate.

EA Play

The EA Play Trial is the time most people have early access to FIFA 23, and those who subscribe to the service have 10 hours of play (including Ultimate Team).

You pay for a month’s worth of EA Play for early access and often get discounted prices before and after the release of FIFA.

Download-It’s always exciting to see new games appearing on the console

A trial version of EA Play will be released Wednesday, September 21Around it 11am ET / 4pm BST..

Learn more about EA Play.

Web and companion apps

The FIFA 23 web app, which will be released at the same time as the EA Play trial, does not require a subscription.

This gives you unlimited access to the FIFA 23 Ultimate Team, allowing you to open packs, use the transfer market, complete SBCs, and build teams.

On the go-Web apps allow you to manage your side remotely

the next day- Thursday, September 22 -The companion app will launch on your mobile device and give you better control over your Ultimate team on the go.

Learn more about the web and companion apps.

Ultimate Edition

The last big chance to get early access is for those who have purchased Ultimate Edition of FIFA 23. This will give you unlimited access to the game 4 days before the worldwide release of the regular version.

This means you don’t have to worry about getting the most out of your 10-hour trial time, and you can get hooked on the game.

Ultimate Edition is more expensive than Standard Edition, but comes with additional perks and early access.


As with some previous releases, several different editions of FIFA 23 are expected to be released, each offering a slightly different one.

They will be:

  • Standard Edition
  • Ultimate edition
  • Legacy Edition
Deep Breath-Switch users are looking for another reduced version of FIFA

Legacy Edition is exclusive to Nintendo Switch and has a slightly reduced experience.

The Standard Edition and Ultimate Edition offer the same gameplay, but the Ultimate version comes with some additional perks.

Early Access Limited Content

Early Access players get exclusive content before the full release. This included an early access pack that included goals, SBCs, and these rewards last year.

  • A non-tradeable 80-84 OVR player pick and a 10-game loan Team of the Week (TOTW) player earned through special Early Access goals.
  • Team of the Week # 1 with boosted items highlights the player who performed best in last week’s football action. In addition, FUT22’s first featured TOTW item.
  • Early Access Live FUT Friendly for a limited time, you can compete for pack rewards.

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