FIFA 23 Release Dates and Features: 10 Things You Should Know

EA hasn’t confirmed the release date for FIFA 23 yet, but it will change later this year when the company outlines plans for this year’s version of the game.

The company continues to work on FIFA 22, but behind the scenes it’s also working on new FIFA games. FIFA 23 is unofficial, but will be available for consoles and Windows PCs later this year.

There isn’t much official news yet. It will probably take a few weeks before EA is ready to spill beans for the new version of FIFA.

One thing we know is that FIFA 23 is likely to be EA’s last FIFA branded game.The company has announced plans to release a soccer game called 2023 EA Sports FC..

Early on, many gamers are starting to think about the future and have questions about FIFA 23 release dates, release dates, cover athletes, and more.

This guide gives an overview of what we currently know, based on leaked information, traditions, and our own expectations for the game.

Here’s a closer look at what you can expect from FIFA 23 features, covers, release dates, editions, and more.

FIFA 23 release date

FIFA 22 will be officially announced in mid-2021, and EA will use a similar time frame for the official announcement of FIFA 23. This is the time when the first trailer for a new game is likely to appear.

Currently, it will be announced in June.

FIFA 23 release date

There is no official release date for FIFA 23 yet, but it will be confirmed when EA officially announces the game this summer.

Last year, FIFA 22 arrived on October 1st, with the release date for FIFA 23 expected to arrive on and around that date. Except for major changes, the game should be on the shelves in late September or early October.

FIFA 23 cover

With Kylian Mbappe on the cover of the last two games, this year is expected to change.

FIFA 23 cover athletes are likely to be seen in the volley of the first announcement of EA in the summer, and we can expect star players to be at the forefront of the game.

In the past, EA used multiple cover stars, so it’s possible to see multiple different players on the cover.

FIFA 23 Edition

You can expect two or three versions of FIFA 23.

For those who have a plain standard version and plan to invest a lot of time in the game, one or two bundles may come with some additional features.

For more information on FIFA 22 Edition, please see our guide.

Pre-order for FIFA 23

Early pre-orders for FIFA games are sometimes seen, but most retailers usually wait for the announcement of EA. Therefore, at this point, you can expect FIFA 23 to be officially launched at your favorite retail store sometime this summer.

EA will almost certainly offer a pre-order bonus, including an early release date, for those who purchased the game before the release date. If you pre-order, you can expect to play the full game 3 days in advance.

For reference, FIFA 22 pre-order bonuses included Team of the Week 1 player items, Killian M-Bapellone items, FUT Ambassador Loan player picks, and career mode homemade talent.

The FIFA 23 pre-order bonus probably doesn’t exactly reflect these, but you can expect extras to revolve around the popular FUT game mode.

FIFA 23 console

Nothing has been confirmed, but we do not expect EA to end support for older consoles in 2022.

Due to the long history of EA supporting older consoles, it will take years for the annual soccer game to skip PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

FIFA 23 can be expected to support the following platforms:

  • Xbox series X
  • Xbox series S
  • Xbox One
  • Xbox One X
  • Xbox One S
  • Playstation 5
  • PlayStation 4 Pro
  • PlayStation 4
  • Playstation 4 slim
  • Windows
  • Nintendo switch

FIFA 23 will not be available on your PS3 or Xbox 360, so if you still own one of these consoles, you’ll need to upgrade.

FIFA 23 price

EA will almost certainly use tiered pricing for FIFA 23.

The base version of FIFA 22 started at $ 59.99 on the Xbox One and PS4, and the base version on the PS5 and Xbox One Series X started at $ 69.99. I hope it will not change this year.

Additional FIFA 23 editions cost more than base games. Last year, the FIFA 22 Ultimate Edition went on sale for a whopping $ 119.99.

Features of FIFA 23

We don’t have a complete list of FIFA 23 features yet. We won’t be able to fully grasp these details until we approach the release of the game later this year.

It said you can expect upgrades to graphics and performance, enhancements to staples like FUT (One leak claim FUT’s chemical system will be overhauled), and a new player rating on the FIFA roster.

another Leak suggests There are some upgrades to FIFA 23 player career mode. According to the report, this mode will include social media, tattoos, options to extend contracts, interviews, new awards, and cutscene training.

According to the report, FIFA 23 will include cross-platform cross-play, both male and female World Cup modes, and better technology.

Another report Claim EA and the J-League in Japan ended their partnership six years later. This means that the league will not appear in FIFA 23.

we I heard it again Now that the club’s partnership with Konami is over, Juventus will return to FIFA.

FIFA 23 Mobile

EA hopes to bring a major update to the FIFA soccer app for iPhone, iPad and Android.

The mobile version of FIFA is robust, but a tone-down version of the game. However, unlike the full-fledged version of FIFA, it’s free to play.

FIFA 23 early play

You should be able to run FIFA 23 up to 5 days faster on the console and Windows.

If you want to access FIFA 23 as soon as possible, you will have to pay for EA Play. With EA Play, you can play for 10 hours during the trial and all progress may be carried over to the final game.

EA Play costs $ 4.99 per month or $ 29.99 per year, saving you 10% on in-game and in-game purchases. If you want a little more from your subscription, EA also offers PlayPro for $ 14.99 per month or $ 99.99 per year.

6 reasons to wait for iPhone 14 and 5 reasons not to wait

Wait for the hole punch design

Wait for the hole punch design

If you don’t like Apple’s notch, you might have been lucky because Apple seems to have made significant changes to the iPhone’s design.

Apple did not eliminate the notch in 2021, but the notch on the iPhone 13 series is smaller than the iPhone 12 series and previous iPhone models.

In 2022, Apple will allegedly throw away the notch in favor of the hole punch display design. Rumors come from respected analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. He said the changes may be limited to the iPhone 14 Pro model, but he repeated this with a new note.

Analyst Ross Youngs I believe Only the iPhone 14 Pro model has this new design, but the hole punch design could be adopted by all iPhone models in 2023. Young repeats this stance twice. Other reports..

Korean publications Elek In support of these rumors, Samsung Display claims to support the manufacturing process. Like Kuo, the site states that new designs will be limited to Pro models.

New report from Elek The iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max are said to come with an LTPOOLED display with hole punches.

The panels are reportedly sourced from Samsung and LG. Another report from the same publication sheds more light on Samsung’s OLED project for the iPhone 14.

If so, it will make the iPhone more match with Samsung’s high-end Galaxy phones.

Hole punches are not as invasive as the notch, which should be music to the ears of those who don’t like the notch.

Jon Prosser shares an image of the schematic of the iPhone 14 Pro to show what the hole punch looks like.

91 Mobile Sharing the rendering of the alleged iPhone 14 Pro design. According to the site, these are based on leaked CAD images. They show circular and pill-shaped notches instead of notches.

Leaker @dylandkt The iPhone 14 Pro model suggests that a pill-shaped camera cutout is placed at the top of the display.

I’ve heard that the design of the iPhone 14 Pro has been completed as consumables have entered the prototype stage of the new iPhone model.

Alleged CAD image The iPhone 14 Pro Max is a tip for thinning the display bezel. The low-end iPhone 14 model is expected to maintain the same thickness and bezel size as the iPhone 13 series.

We also confirmed the rendering of a design that Apple is supposed to deploy on low-end iPhone 14 models.Rendering from MySmartPriceWith a hint of a design that is almost the same as the iPhone 13.

The image device has a notch and also has the same rear camera setup as the iPhone 13.

We have also seen leaks on iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Max, iPhone 14 Pro, and iPhone 14 Pro Max. Display panel Support all this information.

Apple has patented an underdisplay camera for biometrics on the iPhone, so at some point it’s clear that the company is working to get rid of the notch. It’s a matter of time.

If you’re not excited about the look of your iPhone 12 or iPhone 13, consider waiting for your iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max.

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