EA needs to revisit MySims

The Sims The series has dominated the simulation genre since its inception in 1989. SimCity. Fans of the series spent hours creating a family at Sims Series, city construction SimCity, Have enjoyed a lot of spin-off titles like The Sims Middle Ages. Most of these series have declined in recent years, except: Sims, And EA left behind many of the spin-off franchises. However, one of those spin-offs is MySimsDeserves a comeback.

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MySims Was a spin-off The Sims Made for Wii and DS. We imposed on players to rebuild the town, design buildings, and connect with the public.The title wasn’t very advanced Sims Although it’s a series, the first entry in the game quickly became one of the best-selling DS games. The series has produced five sequels, but hasn’t won the title since 2010 and needs to be fixed.

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History of MySims

First title of MySims The series started in 2007 and the game let players control their own custom Mii-like Sim characters and let them repair the town. Players needed to collect the essences they could use to build the interior and exterior of the building.The better the town looks, the more Sims wants to move in and the game Animal Forest..

In 2008, the first titles of many sequels were released MySims Kingdom.. Kingdom Moved the player away from the peculiar town and set out on a journey to restore the kingdom. They started in a devastated kingdom and were tasked with rebuilding and remodeling islanders’ homes. As the player increases the happiness of the island, the next island will be unlocked and the player will try again.

A year later, MySims Party Hit the store shelves. MySims Party We moved away from the customization focus of the previous two entries and focused more on mini-games.Players play all kinds of mini-games that they find very similar Mario Party, And when they win, the quality of the town will improve. They unlock new monuments, new playable characters, new costumes, and new areas in the town.

Next MySims The game brought the series into the go-kart racer genre with a very similar game Mario Kart.. MySims Racing It was just a kart racing game MySims With skin, the title wasn’t very unique. There was a story mode, where the game allowed players to customize their characters, but the gameplay was the same as all other racing games before.

The series entered the spy genre in 2009 MySims agent.. Agent Invite players to join the Sim Protection Agency MySims world. They unlocked the customizable headquarters and hired various sims as junior agents throughout the game. Players have embarked on a mission to prevent Thief V from stealing town treasures in a fun spy adventure.

Last game MySims The series started in 2010 and led players to the sky. MySims SkyHeroes Let players fly planes in solo campaigns, boss battles, and multiplayer actions. Throughout the game, they were able to level up the plane and customize it to their liking. Multiplayer provided race and battle modes, and single player instructed players to prevent Morcubus from hijacking the sky.

MySims needs a new game

While MySims The franchise wasn’t praised as a great game series, but it was still a lot of fun. MySims We were able to cover many genres and provide players with a lot of fun, but as the gaming industry migrated from the Wii, EA seems to have migrated from this series.

7th MySims The game may act as a restart of the series or an attempt at another party genre.Video game hardware and games have become more sophisticated and new since 2010 MySims The title can take advantage of it. EA MySims A game that includes all the deep simulation elements of Sims And rivals Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Most Sims The franchise has been left untouched by EA, but new MySims The title is an easy way to fix it.

in the meantime MySims Wasn’t the player’s number one choice Sims Franchise so that the title goes Sims When SimCity, It provided decent entertainment value to Wii and DS owners throughout its life.Since then, there have been two more mainline Nintendo consoles, but no mainline. MySims title. Franchise fans will no longer wonder what’s next.

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