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It is an immersive XR content of XR Games, and has a solid track record in full-scale development from concept to submission. Includes everything from licensed IP, cofinancing projects, and work for hire development (full-scale and porting). 2021 was a big year for XR games. In March 2021, we released Headshot Fever for Zombieland: Meta Quest and Rift. In late September, we secured $ 2.1 million to expand our team, focus on developing our own IP, increase work for hire opportunities, and develop further research in AR / VR technology. XR Games has won the “International Success 2021” and “Best Small Studio” GP Bull Hound Awards at the 2021 TIGA Awards, ending 2021 in style.

This success provided the foundation for the studio to expand, grow and pursue new opportunities. By the end of 2022, we will simultaneously develop four major unreleased titles, pushing the boundaries of VR game development with recognizable IPs and franchises. With more than 200% growth of the team in 2022, we can move to a new studio in Leeds city center and continue to grow and develop the best VR game developers in the world.

place: 1
Team size: 73
Major projects and areas of recruitment: Zombie Land: Headshot Fever, Various Unreleased Projects
Recruiter: Andy Driver, Talent Acquisition Manager

From the team: EMILY DAVISON, 3D Artist, Leeds, UK

XR Games is my first foray into the world of game development, and the fact that I’m still here three and a half years later speaks to volume. When I started, XR was a small team of talented individuals with less than 10 people. The team has grown over the years, expanding a bit after the first major release, The Angry Birds Movie 2 VR: Under Pressure, and suddenly exploding with the success of Zombie Land! It was very exciting to see the company grow and it taught me how to grow with the company.

I had a great opportunity to work on different projects in different 3D fields and developed my knowledge and skills. Since my arrival, all my colleagues have been incredibly encouraged and supported. We are proud of the wonderful team we are here. We also know how to have a good time. I have participated in countless social events and helped organize them. This is a great perk of working at XR. With Leeds right next door, you’ll never run out of night out opportunities. And with such a great group of people, you know it will explode!

From the team: JOSEPH COOK, Junior Programmer, Leeds, UK

I recently joined XR Games as a junior programmer. Working at XR Games is my first job in the industry to do what I love. I was nervous at first, but everyone at XR Games was very friendly and immediately felt like a member of the team. If you have any questions or need help with something, everyone wants to help me and always make sure I’m comfortable no matter what I’m doing. It doesn’t matter if they are working remotely or sitting next to me in the studio.

I’ve just joined the team recently and it feels like I’ve already learned a lot of knowledge about using the Unity game engine to develop tools for other members of the team. The studio is a great environment where I feel happy, relaxed and confident. There is a daily Super Smash Bros. game at lunchtime and on the way home from work, as well as pool table, table tennis and warhammer games.

I’m just starting my time at XR Games and can’t wait to see how the company grows and how my skills evolve with it.

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Just a few of the many roles open in XR Games

Senior Producer-Leeds, UK
To lead the production of brand new VR games, you need an experienced producer. Over 3 years of game production experience (not necessarily VR) and titles shipped under your name.

Senior 3D Artist – Leeds, UK
With over 5 years of game studio experience and a portfolio of projects similar to ours, we can lead art in new VR titles. His main job is to create, implement and create a variety of 3D gaming environments, and he also teaches and teaches great junior artists.

Senior Programmer – Anywhere!
If you are already in a senior or lead position in the AAA gaming environment, you are the one we want to talk to! It plays the role of generalist leadership in the project, making decisions about its technical approach and guiding other developers. You need to have a deep understanding of C #.

Lead Designer-UK
20-30 Descriptions – 3 or more lines: As an experienced level designer with a track record of major design for major AAA games (not necessarily VR), to play a leading role in one of the following: It’s perfect. Our main VR title.

3D Artist – Leeds, UK
20-30 Descriptions – 3 or more lines: We aim to grow our 3D art team with incredibly talented artists. If you have a portfolio of sophisticated stylized 3D works and a deep understanding of optimizing your models for low poly environments, we want to talk to you!

Gameplay programmer – UK
This is your chance to work on one of the most exciting VR games under development everywhere! You need someone who is focused on C ++ and has some experience with the role of gameplay in a studio environment.

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