BRIC is pleased to announce that applications for the 2022/2023 BRIClab Residency will be accepted until March 10, 2022.

BRIClab is an interdisciplinary residency program created to promote opportunities for visual artists, performers and media makers. This program provides emerging and mid-career artists with the opportunity to share essential resources, mentorship, and their work. We also aim to build a stronger and more diverse arts community in Brooklyn by supporting long-term growth and fostering cross-disciplinary relationships.

The four tracks of the program are contemporary art, film and television, performing arts, and video art. Each track offers its own resources designed to meet the needs of different artistic practices. Residents receive additional financial support, mentorship, skill-based learning opportunities, and documentation of their work. The 2022/2023 cohort’s ongoing public program will run from September 2022 to May 2023.

The BRIClab is committed to expanding the opportunities for disabled artists as part of BRIC’s overall efforts to improve the accessibility of disabled artists, audiences, and staff. We recommend that you apply from an artist with a disability. We also work with all selected artists to support an accessible and comfortable residence. The BRIClab review panel reflects BRIC values ​​and artists and includes reviewers with disabilities. Learn more about accessibility in the BRIC.

For more information and to sign up, please visit

The rediscovered beat-era artist Rick Burton's drawing is unveiled for the first time

The Morgan Library & Museum’s “Chrysanthemum Writing: Rick Burton’s Drawings” features more than 60 works never seen before. Exhibited in New York until September 11th.

Studio visit with Gillian Conrad

In her sculpture, Conrad is free from permanence and the imposition of will, as featured by sculptors from Michelangelo to Serra.

Painter and Beer: John Lees

Despite the fact that Lee has been working on paintings for 30 years, they do not look overly valuable. Instead, they look human and vulnerable.

Pacific Northwest College of Art 2022 MFA Paper Show in Portland

Currently on display at three locations in Portland’s Pearl district, PNCA’s MFA Thesis Exhibition is the culmination of two years of intensive creative practice.

San Diego parks come alive with art

In the new six-month city-wide arts initiative, 18 site-specific artworks are set up across 28 parks in San Diego.

The report discovers an astonishing level of political interference in museums

The findings suggest that museums in Central Europe are affected by dangerously high levels of political interference.

National Portrait Gallery Announces 2022 Directors Essay Award Winners

This year’s winner, Dr. Tiffany E. Barber, will publish a dissertation related to an award-winning essay in Washington, DC on Friday, September 9.

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